Corporate Team Building

“Ready, set, race!”

Do you want a corporate event that relieves stress and builds strong competitiveness within your company? Why not increase energy in the office by booking a corporate go-karting racing event? This not only helps bring back productivity, drive and pizazz to the office but it also builds trust between employees, it increases morale in the workplace and it gets your colleagues back to where they used to be.

It’s a common fallacy that racing is not a team sport. A race team has many team members that add their specific strengths to help the team become successful. Our Corporate Team building events bring people into the territory of a real high performance racing environment. We offer a real racing experience to corporate team building in a way that is exhilarating, effective, and unique.

Tie this all together with a carefully planned agenda and you have an event that your co-workers will remember long after they’ve left the track. No special or prior experience is needed to partake.


Teen Birthday Parties

“Something for Everybody”

If you are planning a kiddies or teenbirthday party or a youth event – Compu-Kart Raceway offers non-stop entertainment both on and off the track. Kids also like to try something different when it comes to celebrating their birthday. They often want to go somewhere that might be unique and fun; some place not all their friends have hosted parties. For a venue that fits the bill, visit Compu-Kart Raceway!

Whether or not you’re planning on reserving one of our Birthday Party deals or simply showing up and having some enjoyment, Compu-Kart Raceway is for everyone, old or young. We have smaller, well maintained karts for kids between the ages of 6 – 12 years old.

With safety being our main concern, kids are instructed and monitored at all times.

Endurance Races

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