“Feel the Thrill”

The thrill of skidding around a blind corner in your Go-Kart is an experience that is hard to exceed. Racing down the track in one of our speedy Go-Karts, manoeuvring around curves and other Go-Karters, is fun at its best. Accelerating as you pass by other drivers is about as adrenaline-pumping as it gets. With Go-Karting for every level, anyone can experience the fun and heart-pounding excitement of Go-Karting.

Compu-Kart Raceway offers indoor go-karting racing events, social events, corporate events, team building events and many more for you.Compu-Kart Raceway provides a stimulating environment for the race fanatic, but it’s user-friendly and safe enough for any beginner to arrive and Drive.

An indoor race track, such as Compu-Kart Raceway, is a perfect location – your function will be held no matter what the weather brings.

Compu-Kart Raceway offers Arrive and Drive racing events. It’s as simple as the name suggests.

You show up, you sign up, you get in and race. You don’t have to bring anything! We provide all the safety gear.

Our highly trained instructors and Marshals will provide you with the confidence and skills to have fun while racing. Gloves, and approved helmets are supplied.  You begin with a safety briefing on how to handle your Go-Kart.

You have a choice of many racing events. Our go-karts are easy to drive, a piece of cake to control and are how you can experience the exhilaration of Formula One racing without as much of the danger. From kiddies to adults, racing go karts is fun for all age groups. Imagine racing  at a high rate of speed with your body sitting just a few centimetres off of the track. Of course protection is not neglected.

Compu-Kart Raceway is the perfect location for social events, birthday parties, bachelor parties or corporate events.

It is a recreational way to really get the adrenaline rushing! A driving experience that is a little out of the ordinary, but something that you can bring everyone to participate in as long as they can handle the Go-Kart and the speed!

You can also enjoy food and beverages at our bar or in our seating area with sports events viewable on wide-screen television sets.

Go-Karts are how you can experience the thrill of Formula One racing without the danger.

But the bottom line is this: speed is where the excitement comes in. And our Go-Karts can reach speeds up to 65 kms/h or more. Come and experience the thrill at Compu-Kart Raceway now.